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Mustafa’s Fictitious Biography of Jerry Jones


   A greatly admired performer, Jerry Jones has released many a single. The world renowned rap artist has produced 29 singles, 3 top selling albums and had 5 no.1 hits on Capital Radio, as well as having a glittering role  in the world of street fighting throughout a legendary career.

Early Years

Born on the 10th of December 1995, Jones was raised into a family obsessed with hip-hop, whilst also travelling regularly to watch street-fight competitions. Soon, the Birmingham born youngster inherited their love of both things; he began listening to raps and began to watch street fighting competitions.He began to dream of emulating his idols in both fields.


  At the age of 18, Jones entered and was dominant in a hip-hop competition, destroying the competition whilst coming 1st place, winning a trip to Philadelphia to watch a concert of Will Smith perform 3 hours of his greatest hits. Later in 2003, the up and coming star signed a record deal with label Wayne Records, releasing 10 music videos, which shot to the top of the charts. In 2004, the venerated celebrity participated in an amateur street fight competition, damaging his opponents in the process of winning the competition and scooping a cash prize of £50 000 despite only being at the tender age of 18.


At 19, the now nationally known star entered the TV show, The X factor, where he won 2nd place after a majestic display involving his no.1 hit, ‘Get Out Of My Face!’ in the final, only to beaten by a ridiculously supreme performance according to pundits, which was overruled by 1 point by judges. Despite this, in an interview, he took the defeat lightly, quoting, “2nd ain’t too bad!”. On the rappers 20th  birthday, he released his new album, ‘ No Goin Back’ as well as being victorious in The Global Street Fighting competition. This is the most prestigious tournament in street fighting. The final was a huge bout; it was between the progeny and Joe Ali, the most revered fighter in the world. Also, the day after the prodigy was rewarded for his performances in the world of hip-hop, as he was crowned world artist of the year.

Other facts

  He was engaged to pop star Taylor So Swift on mid-December 2015. The couple will marry in a mansion in London in 3 years time. 


In short, this venerated street fighter/rapper seems to be the new face of hip-hop and street fighting.


  Currently, this boy has netted £50 000 in his bank account through just 10 endorsement deals and will net even more in the future if it is as bright as it he life so far has been.

Katelyn’s fictitious biography of Peri Solman



Peri Solman is an accomplished singer who has taken part in many things such as the X Factor.

Early years

Peri Solman was born on 20th December 1987 in Wales to parents Sharon and William Parker. Also she has an older brother and sister called Peter and Coleine.


In 1993 when she was six and a half years old, she started singing in her bedroom with her hair brush singing her favorite song “In the middle”. When she was 10 in 1997, she joined her school’s choir Young Voices. That same year the gifted singer preformed in the school’s production called Teen Beach Movie. One year later, she met Richard Solman who she fell in love with at school. In 1999 she entered the schools talent show and won a the final for her amazing talent. Then she entered the Teen Star competition where she won a trip to see The Beatles in London. A year later the talented teenager went to  the X Factor and got through to boot camp where she was put into a group which they called the Sundays. Also they won the X Factor and got a record deal with Simon Cowell and 5,000 pounds.


At 19 years old along with the Sundays she relised their first album called “A Popstar’s Dream” which  sold very well world wide. In 2006 the brilliant singer went on a world wide tour with the rest of her group and all of the tickets were sold in 5 minutes. When she was 22 the Sundays got a Brit Award for their new single “Take Me In “. In 2011 she married Richard Solman on Christmas day in Hollywood. After 2 months of marriage, on 14th February the accomplished singer had two children which she called Romeo and Juliet. In 2013 the Sundays and Peri released a new single called “Candy Girl” and then in 2014 they got another Brit Award for the best selling album.


This is Peri Solman’s life so far and the Sundays plan to carry on making songs and  sell many more albums.

Tyler’s Fictitious Luie Ale Biography

Luie Ale is a famous Drummer, who has won loads of competitions and has joined many bands such as; Loaded Diper, The Lions, The Bashers and finally The Galaxys.

 Early Years

Born in America on July 10th in 1973, Luie Ale, who was raised by Sam and Martin Ale along with one younger brother, grew up as a Drumming addict.

 Child Hood

At the age of 12, the Best Drummer of the Year was won by the talented boy, which earnt him a free ticket to the LG Arena to watch a Drumming band. As he was growing up, for days, he practised and tried to improve his skills for a big contest taking place on the 19th of August 1988. Luie won the competition by luck when his opponent dropped his sticks and fell off his seat as he was trying to pick back up his sticks.

 Effil tower


At 18 years of age, the improving player left University and home to concentrate more on his Drumming career. At the of 19 Luie joined his first band, which was The Bashers, and played 5 gigs with them at the O2 Arena. He then joined Loaded Diper and played with them for 3 years and won one competition with them at BuckinghamPalace in 1993 when he was twenty. He then signed a contract with the Galaxys to agree that he could play with them in Paris by the Eiffel Tower. He stayed with them for 3 years and played many gigs with them. He then started making his own Drumming songs for 10 years and retired in 2006.


As you can see, Luie Ale had a successful life and is well known around the world for playing in many different bands. The bands he has joined all won at least one competition with them and they will never forget him.

David Beckham Biography

By Harry


A world renowned, driven competitor, David Beckham has made a name for himself for Manchester United, Real Madrid, England as their captain for 6 years, LA Galaxy, PSG and AC Milan. This adept footballer has scored in 3 world cups, been the first Englishman to play in the Champions League 100 times and won the league title in 4 countries.

 Early Years

Born on the 2nd of May 1975 to his parents Ted and Sandra, Beckham was raised in Leytonstone along with 2 sisters. Even before he started to play, his family were avid fans of Manchester United and went to every game despite the journey.



Later on in his life, David Beckham was victorious in the Bobby Charlton schools competition. Because of this, the extremely talented youngster won a trip to FC Barcelona’s stadium, Camp Nou. During that year, which was 1986, Beckham lined up with teams Manchester United and West Ham as the mascot of the game. Much of time the gifted child spent as a youngster was with his dad, Ted, playing football practicing to be the greatly venerated performer we know today. At the age of 14 the highly promising projide put pen to paper with at the time, the world’s best team Manchester United to play in their youth team. A couple of years later Beckham left his school and house in Leytonstone to go to Manchester United so he could play in the first team and follow his dream.


First on the list of clubs this decidedly-talented international superstar played for is of course Manchester United, and in 1993 he made his first of many appearances. Fortunately for him that season was the first of 6 league titles he won during the esteemed athletics’ time at Manchester United. 3 years after his first success with Manchester United the highly regarded player won his first cap for England. The following year. Beckham won the PFA player of the year against all the Barclays players. But in 2003, he had a dispute with Sir Alex Ferguson and left Manchester United to Real Madrid  for a fee of around £20 million. Despite the upset that year, the distinguished professional won several awards, including an OBE by the queen and the BBC sports personality of the year. Winning 1 league title in Spain, Beckham left Real Madrid to go to LA Galaxy for a £250 million contract deal for 5 years. After winning 2 leagues with LA Galaxy the revered opponent  by other teams made his final move to PSG and on the 18th May 2013, he officially retired after playing football for 20 years.

David Beckham

Other facts

In 1999, posh spice Victoria Adams married the handsome superstar in a castle in Ireland. He also has 4 kids called Brooklyn, Romeo, Cruise and Harper 7 and over 20 tattoos spread other his body. At this moment in time, the greatly admired performer has begun to start a MLS franchise. In doing this he’s trying to form a team in Miami, where he will hand pick the coaches and players for the future team. To recap, David Beckham is one of the most successful richest players to grace the game the game of football.


By Harry

David Beckham biography – By Noah

A leading talent on the field, David Beckham is a celebrity who has played for legendary clubs such as: Real Madrid, where he won the La Liga championships; Manchester Utd, which started his inspiring journey and LA Galaxy, where he became famous not just in England but across the entire globe!!! This world-renowned, driven competitor has achieved success worlds wide!

 david beckham 2

Early Years

Born to parents Ted Beckam and Sandra Beckam with an older sister on the 2nd of May 1975, this star in the making was raised in Leytonstone England. Later on he had a younger sister and then the family (of avid Manchester Utd fans) was complete.


Later in this amazing child’s life (after he had inherited the family love for Manchester Utd) when he was 11, the greatly gifted youngster, who developed his talents by playing football for hours with his  dad, took part in the Bobby Charlton schools competition and ended up coming out victorious. Because of this he went to FC Barcelona to train with their world-renowned players at Nou Camp!!! As this highly-regarded player progressed through the year, he also got to be a Mascot for his beloved team (Manchester Utd) against West Ham.

Later in this gifted prodigy’s life, he had his talent spotted and got a contract signed with his much-loved team: Manchester Utd! The star’s dream of training with the youth team had become true!

Then, two years later, he left home and dropped out of school to train with the miraculous team of Manchester Utd full time.


When this thriving sportsman started his career as a footballer it started at Manchester Utd. At the age of 18, this awe-inspiring player made his debut for Manchester Utd’s 1st team and then ended up winning 6 titles.

Then in 1996, the heroic player made his landmark by starting a debut with England. Because of his committed performances, the highly regarded player was captain from 2000-2006. He was captain because of his phenomenal success in all of the clubs that have recruited this phenomenon.

The following year, this world wide sensation became player of the year, which just increased his fans.

In 2003, he started playing for Real Madrid because he had a dispute with Sir Alex Ferguson at Man Utd. Later that year he also won the title of an OBE and if that wasn’t enough he also won BBC sports personality of the year!

He then went to LA Galaxy and won 2 league titles in 2007.

Then in May 2013 he retired.

Love Life

In 1999 he fell in love with Victoria (Posh Spice) from the Spice Girls and had a wedding in Dublin, Ireland and ended up having 4 children. These were: 3 boys called Brooklyn, Romeo and Cruz as well as 1 girl called Harper Seven.

posh spice pic       david Beckham



David Beckham has had success in all clubs such as: PSG, AC Milan, Real Madrid, Manchester Utd, LA Galaxy and his most renowned team, England.

 As well as this, the flourishing star has had success off the pitch: he had 4 children, married Victoria Adams (Posh Spice) from the band Spice Girls and has been on many adverts including: Calvin Klein, Adidas, H & M and Umbro.

David Beckham Biography

By Hannah Linden


David BeckhamDavid Beckham is a professional footballer who has played for many teams such as the following: Manchester United, Real Madrid, England [captain], LA Galaxy, PSG and AC Milan.  


Early Years

Born on May 2nd 1975 in Leytonstone England, David Beckham’s parents were Ted and Sandra. He also had two sisters. 


Child Hood 

At the age of 11, this future star attended many competitions such as Bobby Charlton schools competition where he won a trip to FC Barcelona and later that year he was a mascot for Manchester United. In 1991 at 14 David Beckham signed a contract to train with Manchester United. Although David was loved and cherished by his Man U supporting family he left school and home to carry on with his dream of being a professional footballer. 



At the Age of 18, this accomplished teenager made the team with Manchester United and had his first game with them, and then with him they won 6 league titles. In 1996 the proficient football player made his debut for the England team and he was picked for captain 6 times. Also in 1997 he won player of the year. At age 28, he got picked for Real Madrid, he was awarded an OBE from the Queen and that same year he got BBC Sports Personality of the Year. In 2007 he was on the LA Galaxy team and won 2 league titles but sadly in 2013 he retired. 


Love Life 

posh spice picIn 1999 he got married to Spice Girl Victoria Adams in a castle in Ireland and through the years of being together they had 4 children, called Brooklyn, Romeo, Cruz and Harper seven.  



Throughout his life he has had a successful career at all of the football teams he has played for.       



David Beckham Biography by Ben S

David Beckham is an accomplished footballer whose expertise has mesmerized the entire nation. Brilliant teams have signed David Beckham such as: Manchester United, PSG, AC Milan, LA Galaxy, Real Madrid and England.

Early Years

Born on 2nd May 1975 in Leytonstone London to his parents Ted and Sandra Beckham, his parents were huge Manchester United fans. David Beckham would play football with his dad for hours.


During his childhood the up and coming star had been a massive football fan and competed in lots of competitions. At eleven years old the future star won the Bobby Charlton school’s competition. Because of this he won a trip to FC Barcelona. A few years later when he turned fourteen he signed a contract with Manchester United and was mascot against West Ham. He left school when he was sixteen to train with Manchester United. Because of this he was already showing potential to become a world class player.


When the talented star was eighteen he played his first game for Man United against another premier league team and lead them to victory with six premier league titles. In 2002 in the qualifying stages of the World cup vs. Greece due to his pinpoint free kick accuracy the mesmerizing player scored a last minute free kick to take England into the world cup.

Then in 2007 he singed a contract with Real Madrid and then later in 2007 he moved to LA Galaxy.

 Love life

In 1999 the handsome man married Victoria Adams and had a wedding, which cost 800,000 pounds. . He has four children Romeo, Brooklyn, Cruz and Harper 7.

 Throughout David Beckham’s life he has always loved football and is still a big star today.  When we here ‘greatest footballers of all time’ David Beckham is always named.

David Beckham by Tom Batchelor

dqavidDavid Beckham is a well known football player around the world. He is famous because of the teams he’s played for and the greatness that he has achieved.  David Beckham, who is admired by many people, has played for: Man United, Real Madrid, LA Galaxy, AC Milan, PSG and most famously England. All of these teams have achieved success whilst the great talent has been at their club.

Early years

Born on May 2nd 1975 in Leytonstone England, David Beckham, who had two sisters, was born and raised by Ted and Sandra Beckham. The gifted youngster grew up as a strong Man United fan, who would never support a different team as he was a true supporter for the club.


At 11 years of age, David Beckham won the Bobby Charlton football schools national skills competition. Because of this, the future star won a trip to FC Barcelona, who are a very successful football club. In 1986 the skilful star in the making was the mascot for Manchester United against West Ham. At the age of 14, the extremely talented teenager signed a contract with Manchester United to play for their youth team. Two years later, at the age of 16, the expert footballer left home and school to concentrate on his career with Manchester United.


At 18 years of age, David played his first game for the top team Manchester United. In 1997, the promising star won the professional footballers association young player of the year award. The young player started to become one of the leading faces of the England’s world cup team. The amazing and famous footballer went on to win 6 league titles with Manchester United. In 2003 the great talent made the move to Real Madrid where he wore the 23 numbered shirt and was awarded an OBE from the Queen all in the space of 12 months. In 2007 the improved and gifted player went to LA Galaxy for 250 million dollars where he won the league twice with them. In 2013 whilst he was at PSG, the admired and great player announced his retirement. Then later on the sensational football player retired from a fantastic and memorable career.

Love Life

The handsome football player as some girls would think of him, met Victoria Adams, who is also known as Posh Spice, in 1997 and then married her in 1999 in Ireland in a posh castle. The admired footballer also had four kids with Victoria.


As you can tell David Beckham’s life so far has been very successful. He is admired by many people and will never be forgotten. The clubs he joined were very happy to have him and will remember him as a great footballer.

David Beckham – By Tyler M


A famous and adored football player, David Beckham made his name playing for a wide amount of teams such as: Man Utd, L.A Galaxy, PSG, AC Milan, Real Madrid and finally England.

 Early years

Born in Leytonstone on May 2nd in 1975, David Beckham, who was raised by Ted and Sandra Beckham along with two sisters, grew up as a strong Man Utd fan.



 At the age of eleven, the Bobby Charlton Schools Competition was won by the future star, which earnt him a free trip to FC Barcelona. For hours, David used to play football with his dad so he could become a good football player when he was older. In 1986, the youngster was the mascot for Man Utd against West Ham and at the age of 14, he signed a contract with MU so he could play for there youth team. A few years later at the age of sixteen, the talented star left school and home to concentrate more on his career at Man Utd.

 David Beckham


 At 18 years of age, David played his first game for Man Utd and then in 1997, the promising footballer won the PFA player of the year. He led the  the England’s world cup team in 1997. The flaired football player went on to win six league titles with Man Utd. In 2003, he joined up with Real Madrid where he wore the twenty-three numbered shirt and was awarded an OBE from the Queen in the same year. In 2007, the improved player went to L.A Galaxy for 250 million dollars where he won 2 league titles with them. In 2013 David Beckham retired from a footballer, continuing to be a famous and rich person.


 Love Life

 The handsome footballer as some girls would think of him, met Victoria Adam in 1997, who is known as “Posh Spice”, and married her in 1999 in Ireland in a elegant castle.Beckham had four kids with Victoria Adams.



As you can see, David Beckham had a successful life and is well-known around the world. He  joined many clubs and he is admired globally and will never be forgotten.

David Beckham – by Cem

David Beckham is a famous and professional football contestant who has played with lots of teams such as: Man U, Real Madrid, England, LA Galaxy, Milan and PSG.

The Early Years

 The young star was born in 1975 on May 2nd in Leystone, London, England. His parents’ names were Ted and Sandra.

Child Hood   

In the talented and promising childhood of David Beckham, at eleven years of age, he entered a football competition and won a free trip to FC Barcelona. He was also a mascot at West Ham for Man U. He also played hours of football with his dad, which is probably why he was such a skilled individual at football. Once he had left school, the talented and admired football player was offered a contract with Man U.


In his career, at the age of 18, David Beckham had his first game with Man U in England. This amazing and favourite football player became very popular after this. He was also chosen to be captain of England six times between 2000 and 2006.

Late Years

In 2003, he signed a 40 million contract with Real Madrid and won the premier league twice with Real Madrid. This lucky and deft man then had a movie named after him called “Bend it like Beckham.” He was also awarded the OBE by the queen. He then signed a massive 250 million contract with LA Galaxy! Then this great and loved football player went to PSG in 2012. Then in 2013, the heroic man retired from the game.


Love Life

posh spice picIn 1997, this handsome and adored man met Victoria Adams of the Spice girls also known as “Posh Spice”. Later Victoria decided to tie the knot and had a £800,000 wedding in Ireland, outside Dublin, in a castle in 1999 and had four children one of whom is  named Brooklyn Joseph.


He was married, skilled, rich and famous, played on lots of teams and best of all, he inspired people because whenever a person plays football they look up to stars like David Beckham.     



Wolsey Wears Lipstick

Yesterday, at Abbots Farm Junior School in Rugby, year four teacher Mr. Wolsey was caught for stealing a lipstick after pictures were sent to all members of staff at the end of a staff meeting.

On Wednesday morning, a lipstick was discovered missing at approximately 12:15 pm as head teacher Mrs. Farrell had just come back from a very important meeting. Various members of staff have been accused of stealing the lipstick but no-one would admit to stealing it.

An accused teaching assistant, Mrs. Briggs, who claimed she hadn’t stolen the lipstick, quoted, “I am completely disgusted that the children who I work with could think I could wear such cheap rubbish. I only buy and wear expensive stuff, for your information!”

Year six were hired by Mrs. Farrell to help investigate the crime, which needed a lot of detective work.

In the afternoon, two of the Year Six pupils, Katelyn Howes and Callum Sweet went with Mrs. Farrell to ransack her room in search for the lipstick. As they returned to the classroom, some evidence was shared with the Year Six children: a coffee mug with some lipstick on it, a large coat and a torn party invite.

After this, the detective Year Sixes were figuring out who stole the lipstick. The whole investigation was carried out by the Year Sixes as they used the pieces of evidence to create a suspect list.

Another shocked teacher, Mrs. Clarke, who had been accused of stealing the lipstick, stated, “Although it is my colour, I’d never steal it. It’s too cheap!”

On Thursday, the thief was finally exposed as pictures were sent to all members of staff via a mobile phone on the Wednesday evening, after a staff meeting, which caused havoc.

Mrs. Briggs, who was extremely upset after Year Six apologized to her, again quoted, “I am horrified! Absolutely horrified, that Year Six would think that I’d steal the lipstick!”

Mrs. Farrell, who was completely shocked after hearing the news, is now deciding whether to sack Mr. Wolsey or not.

By Imaan Mogul

Mr Lipstick Caught Red-Lipped

Yesterday at Abbots Farm Junior School in Rugby, teacher Mr. Wolsey was caught for stealing a lipstick after pictures were sent out to all members of staff.

On Wednesday morning, at about 11: 30 am, a lipstick was discovered missing by head teacher Ms Farrell as she returned from her meeting as she went to put some on.

Yr 6 were then asked to look for evidence and clues to get closer and closer to the criminal. Afterwards 2 yr6 pupils were sent to Mrs Farrell’s office to see if there were any clues of what the criminal might have left.

Mrs Farrell then asked all the members of staff to see if the culprit would own up but no one admitted it.

A year called Callum Sweet quoted, “This evidence I found was exceedingly confusing because the party invitation was ripped and all I could see was Mr so it could be Mr or Mrs.”

Mrs Farrell quoted,” I am absolutely devastated that a teacher of my school would steal from me and if you would like to know I have some suspects of my own and they are Mrs Clark because she’s been talking about my lipstick lately, Mrs Fusedale because she asked the office if I was going to be in this morning and last but not least Mr Wolsey because I know he likes to party a lot and when I asked him he was quite fussy.”

Mr Wolsey was later caught out by a picture and video being sent out to staff during a staff meeting.Then Mr Wolsey quoted,” I’m embarrassed that I got caught wearing lipstick. Sorry Mrs Farrell for taking your lipstick.”

 Mrs Farrell is deciding whether to fire Mr Wolsey from the school or to punish him in a different way.

Lady Lipstick Lover Is Caught Red Handed!!!

By Noah

Yesterday, at Abbots Farm Junior School in Rugby, Mr. Wolsey, who is a year 4 teacher, was caught for stealing a lipstick after pictures were sent to all staff members.

On Wednesday morning a lipstick was discovered missing by Mrs. Farrell, who is the head teacher, as she rummaged through her draw to put some on.

Various people were accused by Mrs. Farrell in an all staff meeting after the evil crime had taken place.

Eventually year 6 were called upon by the angry staff, who had been accused of the crime by Mrs. Farrell. When questioned Mr. Andrews said, “I can’t believe she would name me for such a thing. I hate lipstick and it’s not even my colour!”

As the year 6’s collected more evidence (a mug with lipstick on, a black coat and a flamboyant party invite that had part of it torn off) the suspects were narrowed down extremely quickly. A year 6 pupil, Noah McDaid, who had an entire list of suspects, stated: “I can’t believe a teacher, who has everyone’s trust, has betrayed Mrs. Farrell.”

Once Mrs. Farrell had been brought down to the classroom, she was asked the following by a year 6: “Who’s been in your office today that you know of?”

Mrs. Farrell stated when questioned about the possible suspects: “Its probably one of the lady teachers but you know what Mr. Wolsey’s like.”

At last Y6 had some main suspects, including: Mrs. Briggs, Mr. Wolsey, Mrs. Fusedale and Mrs. Clarke. When Mrs. Farrell was told of these suspects she quoted: “Some of them I’d expect but some of them I didn’t. I’m ashamed of my teachers.”

Then, that night, once all the children had gone, the teachers received a disturbing message on their phones which told of the culprit, who committed this diabolical crime.

It was… Mr. Wolsey! After he realized that someone (Nobody knows who from) had sent out his videoed pictures, he decided to come clean and tell Y6.

Mrs. Farrell is now deciding a way to punish the culprit and we will inform you next issue

Lipstick Lover

Yesterday, at Abbots Farm Junior School in Rugby, teacher Mr. Wolsey got caught for stealing a lipstick after pictures were sent to all members of staff.

 On Wednesday morning, a lipstick was discovered missing after head teacher Mrs. Farrell came back from a meeting.

After this the year 6 were hired   by Mrs. Farrell to find the culprit. Year 6 were on the case to find out who it was.

Some year 6’s went up to the office and some important evidence was found. One of the years 6’s quoted “There was a coffee mud with a lipstick mark, a ripped party invite and a black jacket.” Also a year 6 interviewed Mrs. Farrell, who quoted “I am so shocked that one of my staff members would steal my lipstick. I can’t believe it.”

The pupils had a list of suspects which included Mrs. Clark, Mrs. Fusedale, Mr. Wolsey, Mrs. Briggs and Mrs. McBernie.

When interviewed Mrs. Briggs quoted “I am so shocked that my own class would accuse me of stealing a lipstick.”

When all the children left school teachers went into a staff meeting and pictures where sent of the culprit, Mr. Wolsey, so all the teachers including Mrs. Farrell knew about who had stoeln the lipstick.

On Thursday the teachers showed the year 6 classes some of the pictures of Mr. Wolsey and so the crime was finaly solved.

Now Mrs. Farrell is thinking about her revenge on Mr. Wolsey!

By Charlie Barrett

Mr Lipstick Thief

Yesterday at Abbots Farm Junior School in Rugby, teacher Mr Wolsey was caught stealing a lipstick after pictures were sent to all staff. 

On Wednesday morning, a lipstick was discovered missing from head teacher Mrs. S. Farrell’s office when she went to a meeting at approximately 11:45a.m.

After lunchtime, several Y6 pupils were sent to Mrs. S. Farrell’s office to check for some evidence. After a while, they found some evidence which were: a coat, a cup with a lipstick mark on it and invitation for a fancy dress party.

The list of suspects was Mrs. Briggs, Mrs. Fusdale, Mrs. Clarke, Mr Wolsey and Mrs. Bowcott.

During the staff meeting on Wednesday, a video and pictures were sent to all staff.

Eventually, the clues showed that it was one of the staff (Mr. Wolsey)!

After Mrs. S. Farrell knew that, she fired Mr. Wolsey.

By Anastasia Lavrenova

What is Manor Adventure?

By Rojin

Manor Adventure is an outdoor activity near the Shropshire Hills where people come to stay and do interesting activities with trained Instructors.

Comfortable accommodation is available for grown-ups or families around the manor adventure such as cottages or dormitories. Children get to stay in dormitories where comfy bunk beds are provided by staff and instructors.

The food, which is delicious, is served in a large dining room where children get to eat while talking to their friends.

The activities include kayaking, high ropes and many more interesting activities.

Absailing is an activity where braveness and encouragement is needed. For this challenging activity an helmet and a carabineer is needed. As well as helmets and carabineers pumps are ideal for this activity

Have you got what it takes to complete the climbing wall?

The climbing wall is an activity based around strength where participants are expected to complete this challenge bravely.

Anybody, who finds this activity hard, will have a helping hand from an helpful instructor. If it is a rainy day and you are doing the climbing wall shoes with grip are ideal because the climbing wall can get slippery.


Instructions for Surviving at Manor Adventure

By Rojin

You will need: a brilliant bed, sweets (loads of them), a tablet and a magazine or comic.

  1. First of all, pick a brilliant bed that isn’t next to a snorer because if they snore at night you won’t get beauty sleep and you won’t be ready for your first activity in the morning.
  2. When you have picked a brilliant bed start opening your scrumptious sweets (Only share with the people who share with you)
  3. You’re probably going to miss your mum and dad so why not take a picture with you at night.
  4. DO NOT leave your underwear on the floor because if your dorm friends see it and everybody says its not there’s they’re likely to blame you in front of everyone.
  5. When it is night time read a comic or a magazine as it will help you fall asleep. If not try counting sheep.
  6. DON’T take too long in the shower because if you do your dorm friends are going to blame you for taking so long. 

How to survive the bus journey to manor adventure!

You will need: sweets, tablet (shhh) and a magazine or comic.

  1. Firstly, pick a perfect partner for this journey (someone who doesn’t snore and that doesn’t talk a lot!)
  2.  Secondly, find a seat at the back which is NOT next to a teacher, especially Mrs Farrel because she is very likely to take your scrumptious sweets and scoff the lot!!!
  3. Thirdly, get your tablet or phone (Bring one from home) and secretly play with it. If a teacher see’s you you’re toast and it is more likely they will play with it. Therefore you will need to hide it when they come.
  4. After the bus has started to drive, start opening your scrumptious sweets that taste like the best thing in the world and share them with your best friend. (Only if they share theirs.)
  5. After following these terrific tips start getting you magnificent magazines or cool comics out so you don’t get bored. DO NOT bring a boring book or else you will fall asleep!!!


A story by Rojin

Once there lived a lonely puppy. No one wanted him because people hated puppies. Although,a girl called Kate loved puppies. Kate had wanted a puppy but her dad was allergic to puppies and her mum didn’t let here. One day, Kate was going to the shops and while she was walking she found a cute little puppy!

 Kate stood there as still as a rock. The puppy’s tummy started to make a funny noise.

 “Let’s get you some food” decided Kate. The puppy smiled. I’ll call you Flower. “Rough” replied the puppy

 “How cute” thought Kate. I want to keep you but my parents wouldn’t let me. The poor puppy’s heart was broken into pieces.

 “I’m starving, let’s go to McDonalds” said Kate. The puppy replied with a cute bark. As soon as they walked in a man kicked Flower out and nearly cut her little paw! Kate started pushing the man backwards and ran out.

 As quick as a flash the puppy turned into a flower puppy! Kate was absolutely shocked, she couldn’t believe her eyes! The puppy started crying inside her heart and then ran away! Kate tried to catch flower but couldn’t reach her!!!

The Adventures carry on in the Frightened Flower puppy 2……

By Rojin Onder


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  1. Miss Jones
    February 7, 2014 at 7:18 pm

    Some brilliant pieces of writing J6!
    2 House points to anyone who has added a piece of their written work from class to share with others.
    Miss Jones

  2. blackbird Class
    February 10, 2014 at 9:10 pm

    I can see lots of good work J6!

    By Rojin’s Mum

  3. sam porter
    February 12, 2014 at 5:57 pm

    Lots of research and hardwork gone into every peice of work.

    Well done J6.

    By Tyler Mourelles mum. :-)

  4. blackbird Class
    February 26, 2014 at 7:58 pm

    Mussy, you’re biography of David Beckham is actually MINE.

  5. May 6, 2014 at 5:52 pm

    Hi Year Six,

    I work as a journalist and was really intrigued to read your stories about the theft of a lipstick at your school.

    I can see you have put a lot of work into your reports and headlines. (Did you know that at a newspaper different people write the reports and the headlines!)

    My favourite headline is “Mr Lipstick caught red-lipped” because it’s a clever use of word play.

    I thought I could share a few tips with you to help make your writing even better.

    Every piece of information you have when writing a story is a ‘nugget’. That could be the name of someone involved, how they are connected to the school, or the time and date something happened. When writing, you want to add new nuggets throughout your story and you’ve all done this really well.

    Everyone loves reading stories about people (and animals) so if you have a person in your story try to mention them first.

    Times and dates rarely need to be in the first paragraph, they need to be included in the report somewhere but it’s not important enough to be in this top paragraph.

    Also, anything you are tempted to put between commas as an explanation can probably be moved lower down.

    If possible try to have the subject of the introduction and the second paragraph the same. I’m sure your teacher can help explain this.

    Here’s my example of the first few lines based on your reports:

    A teacher has been caught stealing a lipstick after incriminating mobile phone pictures were sent to his colleagues.

    Mr Wolsey, a Year Four teacher at Abbots Farm Junior School in Rugby, could be sacked after he pinched the make-up from the office of head teacher Mrs Farrell.

    The crime was uncovered when she went to touch-up her lipstick after a meeting but found the item missing.

    Year six pupils were instrumental in solving the case, creating a short-list of potential suspects, before the pictures were sent out.

    Sometimes as a reporter, it can make a more interesting story if you write about the ending first (he was caught, he might be sacked), rather than retelling the story chronologically – that means in the order everything happened.

    I really enjoyed reading your stories and hope to see more updates in the future – especially on the fate of Mr Wolsey.

    Keep up the good work and the writing.


  6. May 11, 2014 at 9:53 am

    Hello Year 6. I am also a Year 6 teacher and would like to show your excellent biography writing to my class. We have also written biographies but haven’t get around to typing them up on Kidblog yet.
    Good luck for SATs next week. When they’re over, it would be nice if our classes could read and comment on each other’s blogs. Perhaps you could ask your teacher?

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