Topic Research – The Combustion Engine- By Mussy

The combustion engine was invented in 1851 by Eugino Barsanti(12 October to 19 April 1864) and Felix Matteucci(February 12 1808 to September 13 1887) by using the first 4 cycle method.

The combustion engine is still important today as it is used in planes and cars to propel them to different destinations. Also there are still different models today, but they are refined,  making them even better. This huge engine was first created in 1851.

Enjoy the combustion engine facts, Mussy.

Descriptive Story Opening by Mussy

The gigantic moon glared down at the trees’ long dangling claws from under the vast shadow of the night. The reflection of the ball in the sky  and the murkiness of fog was created in the lake.The flames of the fire danced yet dangerously close.

The apprehension created by the fire created mixed emotions within them; calm yet anxious, relaxed yet nervous. The flames stood tall and proud as the children were anxious to see what lay ahead.

The smell of roasting hot dogs above the fire slowly wafted their way up the children’s nostrils. The fire stood tall and dignified , creating dancing shadows among the children. They sat back, waiting for the tales of old to unravel.

The children were shocked. If they had gone to bed when they were supposed to, maybe if they hadn’t snuck out, maybe if Jerry hadn’t told that story, maybe, just maybe, the ending to this tragic tale wouldn’t have been so tragic. If you cannot handle scary stories with unpleasant endings, maybe you should put this book down. If you can handle them, read on…..

5 facts about the West Indies-Mussy

1) The West Indies have had a very successful cricket team winning the ICC cricket world cup twice, the world 2020 tournament once, and the icc champions trophy once.

2) They were colonised in 1912.

3) They ceased being part of the empire between 1961 and ’63.

4) In 1928  they first aqquired test cricket status.

5) The West Indies further enhanced cricket today by winning trophies in Britain.

Enjoy facts about the West Indies- Mussy

Mustafa’s Peasants’ revolt poem

Fighting for our rights,

We squash through England,

Destroying anything that dares stand in our way,

A crimson trail shows the way,

However if you find us you will die,

Beheaded you will be, if you dare stand in our way

Brutalness is our speciality,

Never will this happen again,

With Wat our leader, we will be the victors,

We meet with the King,

He takes us to a field,

He surrounds us, with us pleading for our lives.

A bit gory and bloody, but hey who cares, it says ‘revolt’ in the title. Anyway, enjoy, Mussy.  😉

Diary Of A Wimpy Kid, the ugly truth is the book I’m reviewing and here’s why: it’s got comedy in, it shows times when you feel for the person in need, and most of all, it has some ridiculous scenes in.

Also, will best friends Greg and Rowlry make up? What will happen to the egg Greg looks after?

This is a book by author Jeff Kinney#awesome!

This is Homework by  Mussy!


During my lifetime, which has been quite adventurous, I’ve experienced a ton of things and there has never been a day where all I do is lie down and do nothing. To this date I’ve been very fortunate and done a lot of exciting things including: going to Manor, going to several football matches, joining Abbots Farm Junior/Infant School and generally being with my helpful yet generous friends. Because of this, I’ve never asked for anything more in my life.

Early life

Born on the 9th of March 2003 at precisely 01:06 to my parents Rebecca Hopkinson, now known as Rebecca Treanor, and Jamie Treanor at Coventry Hospital, unfortunately for me it was only a matter of 5 years until my annoying sister Ella came along.


My dad’s side of the family were huge Coventry fans and so am I but I’m also a Arsenal fan as well. When I turned 3, I went to Eastlands nursery for 2 years making great friends there. But when I completed Eastlands I went to AFIS because we were moving house of Ella being born. And up from that day, I’ve lived in that same house.  When my sister eventually came, I started life at Abbots Farm and I haven’t moved school since. That same year I started playing football at Hillmorton FC along with my friend George Smith. But that only lasted for a year.

AFJS years

With new friends I made we headed to Abbots Farm Junior School and that’s where I am now. Surviving in year 3  was a difficult task as we were the youngest. My best friends Ben Smith, Ben Raitt and Callum Sweet and I were challenged but we made it. In year 4 we had some great times including going to Drayton manor for a trip to learn about forces. Luckily for me in year 4 I met one of my best friends, a young american-accented kid called Noah Mcdaid. People weren’t sure about him but now he’s a friend to everybody in the class. The following year in year 5 everyone was pushed to their hardest. My favourite trip that year was to the space center but that year, I went on the best holiday ever, I repeat ever, to Disney Land Paris! I shared amazing times with my family there but unfortunately that only lasted for one week, and before you know I was back at school.

This year (year 6) I’ve already had a great time. My most memorable moment was when the whole year went to Manor Adventure, Shropshire for a week. That week I did stuff I didn’t think I could do, but anything’s impossible.

Other information

Back in  2010, I reunited with Hillmorton with one of my best friends Ben Smith and I’ve been there ever since. I’ve also got another best friend, called Joseph Eatenton who doesn’t go to my school but we still get along. My friends know me for throwing some good birthday parties including going to Alton Towers resort and splash park.

By Harry Treanor



Autobiography Homework


During my life, which has been brilliant, I’ve done many things such as: go on holiday, which has been great accept from when my little brother annoys me (like he’s doing now); been to football matches, which include going to watch Leicester City play and the Olympics Bronze medal women’s football match(France vs. Canada). I also lived in America for 18 months too….


Early years

I was born on 28th of August at the time 15:38 in Nuneaton to parents Vanessa Fox, who is also called Nessa, and Owen McDaid. Then, three years later, my annoying little brother came along.



Throughout my early life I experienced a lot of things. These include going on holiday across Europe, at the age of 4 months I went to London, I went to a nursery called Beehive before going to English Martyrs up to year 2.Then I went to America for 18 months ,where I attended 2nd grade and 2/3s of 3rd grade at Veterans Park Elementary School.



I lived in a town called Ridgefield, which is in Connecticut. I travelled across a few states in America such as: New York, Philadelphia, New Jersey, South Carolina and California. I travelled around Canada as well. I went to Montreal and Quebec. As I lived there I also made plenty of friends and visited lots of major attractions including Disney Land!



Now I’m at Abbots Farm Junior School (A.F.J.S) in Rugby and preparing for the SATS test paper and will hopefully get a level six in all the papers. I’m really looking forwards to the SATS tests and hope that I do well so that I can get in the top class at Lawrence Sherriff.


By Noah

My Magna Carta Homework – Mustafa

1) No person is permitted to wake up before 6:00 am as it will disturb others’ sleep.

2) No person is permitted to borrow more than £50 as they may not be able to return it within a week.

3) No person is permitted to steal/hide others’ possessions as it may cause panic around the house.

4) No person is permitted to go to bed before 9:00 pm as it may cause waking before the time of 6:00 am.

5) No person is permitted to do more reading than 1 hour per day as it may cause boredom.

 10 facts for a biography homework by Noah

Notch is the creator and co-developer of the well known game that is  called minecraft.


  1. Notch started programming video games at the young age of only seven!!!
  2. The first published video game that he made was a text-based adventure game.
  3. The most popular game that Markus has sold is minecraft with 13.9 million sales worldwide and over 1million in the U.K.
  4. Notch has 1,338,639 followers on twitter. That makes him the 7th most followed gamming twitter page!!
  5. He created Breaking the tower (a slow-paced strategy game) in just 2 days, which is pretty impressive if you can programme and know how long it takes.
  6. He works on loads of games for days but only very few of them become published let alone famous like minecraft became.
  7. Notch has not only founded many great games but also team Mojang, who develop minecraft create new games.
  8. Persson takes part in many fast paced gaming/programming competitions such as Ludum Dare, where all programmers had to make games in 48 hours.(Notch created minecraft during this competition)
  9. Team Mojang also host minecon, which is an annual festival held in different places every year. It’s a week of just minecraft where people can have this signed by team crafted and notch plus much much more.
  10. Notch was born in Stockholm, Sweden on the 1st of  June 1979 and is ¾ Swedish and ¼ Finnish.

News Report Homework by Mustafa

Jewellery Thief Caught

Yesterday night, jewellery thief Mussy Smith was caught in the act in the local jewellery shop in Rugby.

Over the past few days, many peices of priceless jewels were being robbed from jewellery shops around the country, which drove many shops out of buisness. Shockingly, the thief was so devious, he broke the CCTV cameras, decieving the police. Devon shop owner Tom Batchelor quoted “Well I am shocked! I didn’t hear anything and I live upstairs;I feel like such a fool.”

The theif was stealing from major jewellery stores in centres. Policemen stated at the time”This thief is really getting on my nerves. I’ve been chasing him all over the country. I retire on Sunday and I want to catch him!”

Casual citizen Mustafa Jawad, who was the one who caught Mussy Smith, was just walking round the town when he heard a huge noise. He stated, “Well, I was just walking with my mates, when I heard a noise, and I saw a figure. I Looked in and saw him. I called the police but I told them to come quietly if the were going to catch him and sure enough, it worked!”

Currently, Mustafa, who is nicknamed the ‘silent death’, is living  in a luxury mansion as a reward from the shop owner Ali Abbas.

We also got a word from Smith, “That meddling kid, I hate him!”.

 This is homework by Mustafa!

Homework – A character description of my annoying little brother by Noah

My little brother, who is called Ted, is particularly annoying especially when I’m trying to do important things. These things include the following: while I’m doing my homework (yes my homework is important even though I don’t like it), when I play minecraft with Oliver, which I do a lot and whilst I’m letting my dog out in the morning. To say that Ted is annoying is probably the understatement of the century. Annoying people is Teds favourite thing to do. So much that it seems he actually relishes in it! He’s so annoying, so irritating, so aggravating!

Winding people up could be his job. He pushes you, punches you and kicks you. If he is told to go upstairs he will do the complete opposite and say “Ha ha you can’t tell me what to do.” Then he runs off to hide.

Ted is as selfish as Scrooge. In what way is he selfish? In every way possible. From the way he doesn’t share his sweets to the way he takes the bigger ice-cream, which is never his. Selfish doesn’t describe it enough. So selfish, so self-centred, so egotistical! That’s Ted.

By Noah