The Water Tower by Poppy

The Water Tower                                

Nobody in Preston could remember when the water tower was built, or who built it, but there it stood tall on Shooters Hill.

Watching over Preston was the water tower like a hawk hunting for its pre, with an evil eye which was disturbingly noticeable. Wrapping around the water tower was a barbed wire fence keeping all of the trespassers out.

At night the scene took on an altogether extra-terrestrial atmosphere: the ghostly beam piecing from the heart of the water lit the darkness ; the weird looking barbed wire fence seemed to come alive with the night sky; the spaceship like tank illuminated the surroundings. People from Preston said the water tower looked more like an alien spaceship most of the time.

One thing was true, the people from Preston were disturbed by it! If only everyone in the town were petrified by in then maybe, just maybe, things would not have turned as they did in 1989 on that summers day.

Early on this summers-day morning, outside of a local shop, as the blazing sun beat down over Preston, Bubba and Spike met to decide their plans for that day.

“I’m so hot…go to the water tower for a swim with me” demanded Spike.

“Will we be allowed to Spike?” asked Bubba.

“I don’t know “shouted Spike as he started to walk towards the tower. Spike still made his way to the water tower even though his mum warned him not to go there and Bubba still trotted along behind him because he knew his mum does not where he goes or what he does.

Making their way to the water tower, Bubba was falling behind as he shouted “Are you sure we should be doing this?”

“ What-ever Bubba just get your butt moving,” grunted Spike as he started to stutter up the ladder to the top of the water tower.

Once Spike reached the top of the water tower he screamed, “Hurry up you wimp.”

“I….will…spike…” whispered Bubba. Spike didn’t hear a word Bubba said because he was about to jump into the water and forgot about Bubba.

Jumping into the dark abyss Spike swam to the darkness that eddied and swirled.

Meanwhile Bubba had finally reached the top of the water tower and he thought…. Spikes… were are you? Were could he be? He has got to be already swimming. Breaking his thoughts Bubba heard a bang coming from the tank… “Hello who’s in there?” questioned Bubba but there was no reply.    

Slowly Bubba stepped down into the water as he shivered with fear and he swam forward as he kept a glance of his eye at the shaft of sunlight angling in from the open hatch. A ghostly wailing sound came from the water tower as Bubba said “I really don’t like this Spike I’m going to get out.” Bubba pulled himself free from the dark…

Making his way out onto the hot metal surface, he looked around for his pants but he could not find them. Suddenly somebody grabbed Bubbas shoulder… it was Spike.

“I’ve lost my pants!” announced Bubba as he sighed “my mamma Angelo will land a wallop on me like nobody else in town!”

“I could go and get you some pants from your house because I could climb through your window.” whispered Spike as he started to walk to Bubba.

“Ok thank you…please… be quick.” shouted Bubba.

Running towards the town Spike sprinted as fast as he could as he thought hopefully, the windows were open; it’s got to be.

Meanwhile Bubba jumped back onto the ladder in the water tower and stayed there for a while, just dangling because he did not like the water.

As Bubba was dangling, Spike was running through the town without noticing that people had stopped, just glaring at the tank. Running past all the towns’ people, there were people outside the pub and people sat on cars.

Meanwhile Bubba had a plased himself under a bush to get out of the burning hot sun because he was scared in the water tank of it shaking and rumbling.

Meanwhile Bubbas mum was in her front room glaring out of her widow looking at the water tower and even more people stopped at there windows, people stopped walking and they even froze to the spot in shock. Gasping in fear the towns peoples mouth dropped. The towns people looked at the water tower.

Back under the bush, Bubba was boiling hot and the sun kept on following Bubba every were he went; it was like the sun was stalking him.

Finally when Spike returned he found a really different Bubba who was climbing out of the water tank.

“Come on Spike lets go,” said Bubba proudly as Bubba stood up tall. Spike was completely petrified because Bubba was not himself. He had an eye symbol on his hand and something wet coming down his face.

Deep down in the water tank the water eddied and swirled…..



3 comments for “The Water Tower by Poppy

  1. blackbird Class
    May 24, 2014 at 5:38 pm

    Good story, Poppy.
    -Imaan :)

    • Gary Crew
      June 19, 2014 at 9:56 pm

      Wonderful language Poppy. Excellent vocabulary. Well done. Gary

  2. Gary Crew
    June 19, 2014 at 10:03 pm

    I am having trouble with this site. It rejects my individual comments so I will put them all here.
    Guys, I have been travelling and speaking and this is the first chance I have had to reply to your work. Man! Am I impressed! This is really sophisticated writing. You should all be congratulated. You make me very proud that my book is working in the UK> Bests form me, Gary Crew

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