Monthly Archives: January 2014

Revision Guides

Don’t forget your new Revision Guides were given out last week so that you can begin to prepare for the SATs tests in May.

We may ask you to look at particular pages as part of your Home Learning each week. However, the books are now yours until the end of the school year to make the most of.

Any additional work you chose to do at home will be rewarded with house points so remember to bring it in and show me or get your parents to write it in your diary  (like they do when you read at home)

If there are areas that you read up on and still feel unsure about, feel free to come and talk to me so that we can go over them together! You might find other people are stuck with the same things so don’t be afraid to come and ask!


Book Reviews

What have you been reading recently at home? Have you got a book that you would recommend to other people in our class. Tell us all about it on here by commenting on this post!

My favourite book is Why the Whales Came by Michael Morpurgo

Home Learning

Don’t forget, if you want to complete your home learning in a more creative way than just working in your book, you can always¬†upload work, videos, pictures etc as a ‘New Post’ onto here so that I can view it that way!!