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The Water Tower – Rojin

Nobody in Preston could remember when the Water Tower was built or who had actually built it, but there it stood on Shooters Hill.

From the partly vandalised barbed wire fence like a spider keeping the flies out to the colossal tower which was hiding water away, everything was corroded, including the evil – eyed logo at the front of the Water Tower staring down at Preston.

At night the eerie beam coming from the heart of the Water Tower was a pair of piercing eyes staring at the black sky; the barbed wire came alive in the night sky. One thing was true; everyone in Preston was disturbed by it. Maybe, just maybe this particular thing wouldn’t have happened…..

Outside the local town shop, the two friends, Bubba and Spike, met to decide their plan for their day on their first day of the holidays. Spike told Bubba “I’m so hot – let’s go to the water tower for a splash.” As he started meandering towards the hill not waiting for his friend. Puffing and Panting, Bubba followed him along the way and gasped “ Slow down… Spike… can’t… keep up. Your Mum told that it was dangerous up there!” Spoke Bubba as he shook a little. Bubba’s mum Couldn’t care less but still gave him a big  wallop  for anything he did.

Making their way into the Water Tank, Bubba was left behind as he started to puff and pant even more “Let’s not go Spike.” he called trying to catch up.

“Quit being such a baby, Bubba” shouted Spike as he mouthed “scaredy cat”. Spike had already climbed halfway up the long and corroded ladder. Splashing into the colossal tower as bubba yelled “SPIKE!”

Deciding to climb up the water tank, too see what Spike was up to, Bubba started yelling even louder and louder. As soon as Bubba reached inside the water tank, he thought “Has he drowned? Is he OK? Will I be safe?

Bubba started splashing around maybe; just maybe Spike might hear him and reply. He didn’t out of the silence the water eddied and swirled, Bubba heard a ghostly wailing… “Spike… Spike…” whispered Bubba as he lowered his voice a little.


Following the shaft of light, Bubba started to climb up, when he realised his pants weren’t outside. They were lost! Panicking, Bubba starting running around then shouted into the Water Tower “Hello, is anyone in there?” as he started panicking even more.

“What” replied Spike as he started climbing out of the Water Tower.

“Spike I’ve lost my pants!” panicked Bubba, who was worrying too much.

“Don’t worry; I’ll get you a new pair.” Suggested Spike kindly as he started running knowing Bubba’s Mum would give him a big wallop if he came home naked. As soon as spike left, Bubba ran into the tank so he wouldn’t get caught as he whispered “Oh, Spike hurry up.”

Meanwhile, Spike was at the town as he started running trying not to get caught but he realised something weird was going on. All the towns people were staring at something… The Water Tower. Starting to walk towards Bubba’s house, Spike grabbed a pair of pants, which he took forever to find, then started climbing out of the window. As quick as a cheetah, Spike rushed to The Water Tower, still thinking about Bubba.

Meanwhile, Bubba hid under the tree. Wherever Bubba went, the sun found him and gave him blisters. As soon as Spike reached Bubba, he was coming out of The Water Tower… water was dripping down his body, he had a symbol on his hands and his eyes didn’t meet Spikes.

 “This was the easiest thing I’ve ever done!” shouted Bubba as he laughed.

Deep in the tank, the water eddied and swirled…







The Water Tower – BY Cameron

Nobody in Preston could remember when the water tower was built or who had built it, but there it stood on Shooters’ hill. There was a vandalised barbed wire fence surrounding the compound which protectedly circling the tower to keep all the trespassers out. Clinging on to the tower was a hazardous ladder, next to an unstable walk way. Alongside that there was a circular logo looking like an eye staring down on Preston.

Outside the local shop, as the blazing sun scorched Preston’s floor, early one summers’ morning, on the last day of the holidays, Spike and Bubba met up to decide their plans for the day. “Am extremely hot right now let’s go swimming in the tower,” demanded Spike already in front of the hill.

Painting and puffing behind him “Are you sure about this remember what your mum said” gasped Bubba

“Who cares we’ve done this before and your Mum doesn’t care any way.” replied Spike.

Making their way to the water tank, Spike miles ahead while Bubba attempting to keep up with him stopping at the bottom of the ladder “This …ladder… looks unsafe.” cried Bubba.

“Don’t be a wuss Bubba” replied Spike already at the top of the tank and stripping off cautiously climbing the ladder as his legs were wobbling like jelly, once he got on top he stripped down. Staring down into the dark abyss while climbing down the greasy ladder trying to reassure himself, while looking down at the slimy dead moss and murky dark water then he called Spike Spikey then all of a sudden there was a sound a whaling ghost “Spike is that you?” Bubba asked there was no reply. Looking up at the shaft of light “I’m going up now.” Bubba called he was now out of the dark abyss.

When he got out the only thing that was his was his t-shirt hanging off the railing but were his shots Bubba shouted down into the dark abyss “Spike are my shorts down there,”

“No.” replied Spike as he was coming up, then Spike got changed into his clothes “Hey I’ll go to your house get you another pair of shorts.” Spoke Spike “Yeah because then my mum can’t prove me wrong about coming here.” Exclaimed Bubba. Clambering down the hazardous ladder as fast as he could then he raced for the town.

Back on the tower Bubba thought that going back into the tower was a great idea so he could get out of the sun this time Bubba didn’t even go in the water he stayed on the ladder then Bubba whispered to himself “I’ll be alright I’ll be alright.”

Now at the town Spike was still racing to Bubbas home but nobody in the town were looking at what Spike they were busy staring at the water tower.

Bubba was no out of the water now looking for shade then he saw some which was a bush then all of a sudden he felt like the sun was fowling him.

Finally at he got to Bubbas home he got a pair of shorts. Everyone stopped what they were doing and kept looking at the water tower they stopped there to look they came out of houses to see the tower people even came out of the pubs to see the tower. Everyone was just hypnotized to look at the tower.

Back at the water tower Bubba saw somebody or something on the tower “Spike is that you?” asked Bubba. Spike then got to the top of the water tower there was Bubba just getting out of the tower. On their way back to the town Bubba claimed “Hey I was under the water for 3 minutes no joke.”

“Yeah show us your hands they should be wrinkly,” Spike replied.

“No,” shouted Bubba.Spike was confused because Bubba  was acting strange.

Deep in the tank, the water eddied and swirled……

By cameron