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The water tower by Benjie

Nobody in Preston could remember when the water tower was built or who built it, but there it stood on Shooters Hill. Circling around the tower, the corrodered barbed wire attempted to keep out trespassers. In the heart of the barbed wire stood the colossal beast beaming down at the town of Preston.


One thing for sure, the tower was not a friend of the towns people of Preston.


Early on that summer’s morning, Bubba and Spike met up at the local shop to decide what they were going to do. “I’m boiling in the sun,” groaned Spike. Then Bubba replied “I’m roasting too Spikey,”

“Let’s go down to the Water Tower,” shouted Spike as he raced up the hill.

“Are you sure we should be doing this?” gasped Bubba as he waddled along behind.

Making their way into the Water Tower, Spike dashed up the ladder having no thought to go back down. Gasping for air, Bubba slowly made his way to the Tower.

“Spikey! Wait up for me” squealed Bubba as he started to get scared. Step by step Bubba made his way up the ladder.


Getting undressed, Bubba slowly made his way down to the dark abyss but al that was to be found at the bottom was that Spike was not there. Climbing down the ladder Bubba shivered in horror, it looked like there was no end to this dark abyss. “Spikey” Bubba mumbled. Nothing but the echoing howl of the deathly silence…


Freaking out, Bubba got more and more scared as seconds went by. Not knowing what to do, Bubba made his way back towards the tantalising light above him then with a breath of relief he finally made his way up to the top.


“No” Bubba cried out “My clothes are all gone! My Mum’s going to kill me!” Not knowing what to do, Bubba burst out in tears.

“Don’t worry, mate. I can go and get them for you.” shouted Spike as he jumped out of the shadows.

“Really? Can you do that for me?”

“Yes!” replied Spike.


Shouting down the ladder Spike shouted, “Be back in a minute Bubba” but the rest flushed away in the wind.


Getting back in the water tower, Bubba slowly made his way down the ladder step by step.

Meanwhile Spike raced back to Bubba’s house through the town.

Staring up at the water tower, the towns people glared at the glorious beast casting a shadow over the valley.


Meanwhile Bubba decide to go and sit under a tree but the sun kept on finding him and blazing straight threw the skin.


Finally, Spike eventually reached Bubba’s house. Dashing from draw to daw getting the things he needed for Bubba, he then dashed out of the window to go back to Bubba.

Glancing at the water tower still the towns people stared up at the colossal statue, people looked out of windows and stopped working to look, just to see.Shocked and in desperation to see this strange thing  the towns peoples mouth dropped to the floor.


When Spike returned to Bubba he saw something completely different to what he had seen before, “Bubba are you ok?” whispered Spike.

“I’m more than ok Spike.” glanced Bubba.

“Are you sure Bubba?” demanded Spike. Bubba’s eyes looked strange and he had a weird simble on his hand. Spike felt a sudden urge that Bubba was somehow different.


Deep in the tank, the water eddied and swirled………………………………

Tyler’s version of the Water Tower by Gary Crew

The Water Tower

Nobody in Preston could remember when the water tower was built, or who had built it, but there it stood on shooters hill casting a long shadow over the town.

A dim circle silhouette besides the walkway was like an eye glaring down at Preston scaring away trespassers from the tower. Stabilising the immense tower was the corroded and warped legs that were surrounded by a tangled barbed wire fence, which tried to prevent people from getting in; it was there to keep people away from danger. Besides the ravelled fence was an old brown wagon rotting away gathering dust-which was a sign that nobody ever goes there.

If only everyone in the town had been so terrified by it then maybe just maybe things would have not of turned out as they did on summers day back in 1987.

Outside the local food store, as the blazing sun was beating down on the city of Preston, Spike and Bubba met to discuss their plans for the day on summer’s morning 10:09a.m.

‘’Am so hot… What shall we do? Let’s go swimming.’’ Spike suggested walking to the immense water tank. Puffing behind was Bubba,

‘’Slow down Spike, I’m not that fast. Do we really have to go to the tower? I’m not even that hot.’’ Bubba panted trying to catch up with Spike.

‘’Come on…It will be fun. It’s only a water tank.’’ Spike replied at the top of the hill.

Despite the continuous warnings from spikes mum, he was still tempted to go to the water tower. Bubbas mum couldn’t care less were he went, but Bubba still felt nervous about this and that something bad would happen.

Making their way to the water tower, Bubba was still pleading Spike not to go there,

‘’Do we really have to go there? Do we really have to do this? Its dangerous up there you know.’’ gasped Bubba standing by the ladder.

‘’Come on! It’ll be fun. It’s nothing bad. Stop being a wimp’’ Spike shouted from the top of the water tower.

‘’Ok then… If you sure.’’ Bubba yelled to spike cautiously climbing up the ladder.

As they climbed down into the dark abyss of the egg-shaped water tower Spike was making ghostly wailing noises that were echoing around in the tank. It was dark and gloomy, inside. ‘’Its green… Its slimy… Its green slimy dead moss.’’ Bubba murmured still staggering down the ladder looking up at the shaft of light trying to reassure himself with Spike already swimming down in the depths of the water with no fear.

Suddenly the ghostly wailing stopped the water started to eddy and swirl.

‘’Spike are you… there? Spi…key… where are you? Spikey!’’ Bubba uttered starting to climb up the ladder; he did not know were Spike was. Once again, he tried to call Spike ‘’ Are you there?’’ but there was still no reply. Bubba was scared, terrified petrified that he didn’t know were Spike was. ‘’Spikey… this…i..s scaring… me! I’m going back up! Ok…ok…?’’ Bubba waited for a reply but did not get one so he climbed back out.

As Bubba continued step by step up the ladder, he could feel the sun starting to blister him. He had reached the top, but something was missing. What was it? Bubba started to walk around the boiling surface of the tank.

‘’Hummmm…Th…ats um it!…Oh no! Great that’s all I needed!…Ive…lost.llost my pants!’’ Bubba questioned ‘’Where are they?’’  ‘’Spiky… Spiky… where are you? I’ve lost my pants…come and…help…me find…them. Spiky?’’ Bubba whispered waiting for an answer.

‘’Yeh… what? What do u want?’’ Spike asked. Finally Spike climbed up the ladder pulling himself out of the darkness.

‘’I’ve lost my pants!’’

‘’So there only…p…pants!’’ They both turned and looked at each other. Everybody in the town of Preston knew that Mrs D’angalow could land a wallop like nobody else in town.

‘’Ok then… I’ll go to yours and grab some pants for you! Wait here!’’ Spike declared.

‘’Yes yes…ok then…I’ll stay here…I’ll stay here.’’

Eventually, as Spike started to run down the path to the town, his last words were lost in the wind.

Meanwhile, back on the surface of the tank, Bubba clambered back in the dark area. Bubba tightened tighter onto the ladder that was heavily resting on the tank. The tank started to move.

‘’That’s just the wind pushing against the tank.’’ Bubba thought to himself. The tank started to squeak.

‘’That’s just the corroded and warped legs resting on the tank.’’ Bubba thought to himself again trying to reassure himself.

While Spike ran through the town, something strange, something weird was happening. But, Spike carried on running.

The town’s people were looking at something big. Their eyes were white. Everybody came out to look at the thing. People from the pub came out to look. Women looked out of there windows and men stopped their cars. Something strange was happening, but no one knew what.

Climbing through the window, Spike grabbed Bubba some pants and then ran back to the tank.

Bubba was now really scared, so he cli

mbed out and hid under a bush. The sun found him where ever he went blistering him. He saw something at th top of the tank

‘’Spike is that you?’’ he questioned

Spike came back to the tank to find  that Bubba was coming out of tank.

‘’Hey how…are …you?’’

‘’Alright I’ve been for a swim.’’

Bubba eyes were wide and red wider than usual wider than Spikes ever seen, they were bright red and big.

‘’Are you sure?’’ Spike questioned

‘’Yes…yes.’’ Bubba replied

‘’Here are your shorts.’’


Spike looked down at his hand to find a weird sign on his hand.

‘’What’s that Bubba’’ Spike questioned

‘’Oh…nothing…there’s…nothing there!’’ Bubba replied smiling at Spike

As Bubba put on his pants, they walked down the path back to the town….

Deep in the tank, the water eddied and swirled.

The Water Tower by Bianca


Nobody in Preston could remember when the water tower was built, or who had built it. All they knew was that it was there for a long time.

Stabilizing the warped and corroded egg shaped water tower, long and iron legs of the tower were wrapped by a barbed wire fence, attempting to keep trespassers out; it was there to keep people out of danger!

At night the scene took on an altogether extra- terrestrial atmosphere. The green light from the heart of the tower shone above Preston. The tank seemed to be flying high in the sky.

One thing was true, it disturbed the people of Preston! If only everyone in the town was so terrified of it maybe, just maybe, this would have never happened back in that summers day in 1987.

Outside, the local shop, Spike and Bubba met to plan for their summer holidays.

“Am so hot let’s go swimming” demanded Spike already marching up the hill.

Puffing and panting behind him was Bubba “Wait up! I think we shouldn’t be going into the water tank” gasped Bubba, “Remember the warnings,” said Bubba going through the barbed wire fence.

“Stop being a wimp Bubba!” replied Spike as he scathed up the ladder with Bubba right behind him.

Entering the water tower, which was green and slimy inside, Spike rushed down the ladder and splashed into the water. Following behind him Bubba was trembling with fear down the ladder. “Spike! Spikey! Spike!” whispered Bubba worriedly. Breaking the silence the water eddied and twirled…..

“Spike , I am getting out the tank” cried Bubba but there was no reply. Following the shaft of light Bubba climbed up the ladder and soon as he came out the tank, he started looking for his clothes. Bubba couldn’t find his pants but Spike’s clothes were still tucked in under the pipe. “ Are my pants down there?” asked Bubba into the tank.

“What?” a voice replied

“Are my pants down there?” Bubba asked again

“No!” the voice answered.

Suddenly, Spikes head popped out of the tank with water dripping down his body. “What happened to your shorts?” Spike asked

“ I have lost my shorts and if I tell mum she will land a wallop like nobody in town!” replied Bubba

“I will go to your house and get you some pants.” Spike said and started running. Bubba, while he was waiting for Spike ,Bubba went into the tank and waited but still trembling in fear.

After a few minutes Bubba got out of the tank and went to sit in a bush to get some shade because it was hot.


Meanwhile, Spike was running across the town but the town people had stopped and were looking at the Water Tower but Spike kept on running.

Eventually, Spike reached Bubba’s house and got some pants for Bubba.

Once again, ran across the town but this time it was empty but suddenly when he passed the town and went towards shooters hill there were all the town people with shocked people. “But why were they staring at the Water Tower?” thought Spike.

Meanwhile, Bubba was still waiting for Spike. “ Where is Spike? Spikey!” Bubba thought. Suddenly something touched Bubba…

Finally, Spike arrived at the water tower and he found Bubba all wet but there was something different in Bubba. “Hey! The water was fine I don’t know why I didn’t enter the water before.” Bubba said confidently,

“ Why did Bubba go into the water again, I thought he was scared and what is on Bubbas hand?” Spike whispered to himself.

Deep in the tank, the water Eddied and swirled….






The Water Tower by Hannah


Nobody in Preston could remember when the water tank was built or who built it, but there it stood on Shooters Hill.  

The warped water tank on the peak of the hill was standing tall and proud with its spider like legs and alien like beam, casting a long dark shadow across the valley Laying on the rusty coloured grass, the old wooden cart was down beneath the water tank .Leaning, the rusty ladders on the side of the water tank, were tempting people to climb it. The broken barbed wire fence wrapped around the water tank keeping trespassers out ; it was there to keep trespassers out away from danger.

Looking up from the town at night all people saw was a glowing light coming from a beam which made them feel scared. But not everyone was scared!

Outside the local shop, where the sun was shining over Preston, early on that summers day, the first day of the summer holidays, Bubba and Spike decided what they were going to do that day.

“I’m so hot let’s go swimming at the water tank,” demanded Spike starting to walk up the hill.

“Are you sure we should be doing this,” sighed Bubba trotting along behind him.

Although Spikes mum told him not to go there he still went but Bubbas mum didn’t care although Bubba was quite scared.

Making their way up to the water tank Bubba was lagging behind saying,

“I really don’t think we should be doing this,” Bubba puffed.

“Oh come on you wimp,” Spike answered, climbing up the ladders. As Bubba was finally brave enough to go in the water tank he climbed up the ladders and started to get undressed.

As they to make their up to the tank Bubba was shaking making the ladders wobble.

“Spike why are we doing this? It’s slimy, there’s dead moss.”

Bubba was getting nervous as there was only a little shaft of light which he was trying to pull himself to.

“I’ll be all right. I’ll be all right.” Bubba said to himself.

“Spike. Spike.” Bubba whispered but there was no reply. He saw the water as it eddied and swirled so he decided to climb up the ladders pulling him self out of the tank. He could not find something! His pants.

“Oh no pants! Mums going to get well mad at me if I don’t find them,” he muttered to himself hopping from side to side as the water tank was so hot. After a couple of minutes Bubba put a towel around him and then he saw Spike coming out of the tank saying,

“What? You’ve lost your pants,” said Spike, climbing out of the tank.

“Yes,” replied Bubba fiddling with his hands nervously.

“Well shall I go get them?” offered Spike. Bubba agreed.

Quickly Spike ran to Bubbas house while Bubba decided to go back in the tank but just above the water as he was too frightened to even dare to go in the water.

Running into town, Spike ran straight to Bubbas house not noticing the town’s people staring at the water tower.

Meanwhile after sitting in the water tank, Bubba decided to go and sit underneath the tree because he was to scared to be in the tank but he was still worried about Spike not knowing if he wouldn’t make it.

Climbing in to Bubbas bedroom window, Spike got the pants and dashed back to Bubba, but the towns people continued to stare at the water tank gasping in fear.

Whilst Bubba was still underneath the tree, the sun kept on spotting him not leaving him alone, “Why is the sun the following me?” he thought.

As Spike finally came back, he found Bubba coming out of the water tank. Spike noticed Bubbas eyes were bigger and he spoke more loudly.

“Let’s go,” Bubba said confidently walking away. However, Spike was confused about Bubba because he’s normally a wimp but now he was not but he followed him instantly. Whilst they were going to town Spike noticed a weird sign on Bubbas hand and his dark black eyes staring straight forward. Spike thought to himself, “What’s happened to him is that actually Bubba?”

But deep in the water tank the water Eddied and swirled.






The Water Tower By Stephen

Nobody in Preston could remember when the water tower was built or who had had built it but there it stood on shooters hill. The vandalised barbed wire fence was surrounding   the compound, protecting it from trespassers. Clinging on the tower was a hazardous walkway so people could climb up.  

One thing was true it caught the attention of people of Preston. If only everyone had been so   petrified   of   the   people   who could not catch up to the meeting.

Outside the   local shop, as the blazing sun beat down over the town of Preston one late summer day Bubba and Spike met to talk about there play.


“I am extremely hot,” said Bubba to Spike

“Lets go to the water tower, “said spike as he began walking up to the water tower.

Nervously Bubba followed Spike.


Making there way to the water tank, Spike went up to the ladder to get into the tank.

Bubba said “It’s to dangerous”

Spike said “Man up bubba.”

As Spike passed down into the abyss deep down, he was brave but Bubba was behind in fear.

“Spike?”  Spikey? Called Bubba from the of the ladder.

There was no reply.

The Water Tower eddied and swirled.

Woo, came from the sound of the ghostly wailing.


Bubba was really scared and nervous as he came out from the dark palace under the water Tower.

Eventually after Bubba came out of the water tower, he saw that he lost his pants. “Where are you Spike?” said Bubba as he ran to the tank.

Climbing out of the water tower spike then got out and went back down the village and got Bubba’s shorts. Meanwhile all the town people looked at the water tower. Back at the water tower Bubba climbed back down and felt scared. Where are you Spike?

Back in the village, Spike ran as fast as he could threw the towns people who stopped what they were look at.

Spike eventually got home to get bubba pants and race towards Bubba

After, when he returned, Spike found something was very odd with Bubba. Spike saw this strange thing about look in Bubba eyes. Spike noticed something very weird on bubba hand, and a wet drip of water on his hand. Although he had something in his eye, it was also an evil look in the eyes.

“You look very confident,” replied Spike.

Deep in the water Tower the water eddied and swirled.

The Water Tower By Katelyn

Nobody in Preston could remember when the water tower as built, or who had built it but there it was on Shooters Hill. The water tower had a simble on it which looked like a glaring eye looking down at the town of Preston. Meanisingly, the Eangled, sharp edged barbed wire surrounded the compound to keep people away from danger.  Near to that was a warped pump, that lay on the valley grass. Most people said that at night a green shinny beam came down from the centre of the tower and that it looked a bit like an alien ship.

Something was true, it caught the attention of the people of Preston. If only everyone had been so petrified then maybe, just maybe, things would have turned out differently as they did on a summers day in 1988.

Outside the local shop, as the glazing sun looked down over Preston, late on this summers morning, the last day of the holidays, Bubba and Spike met to decide to do something good before going back to school.

“Am hot today lets go for a swim at the water tower. “demanded Spike making his way towards the tower.

Puffing behind him Bubba gasped, “Wait up….Spike! I carn’t …..catch up! Why do we have…to…go up….there?”

Although Spike’s mum told him not to go to the tower he still went up there but Bubba’s mum wouldn’t of cared less where he went.

Making their way to the water tower, Bubba was lost behind as Spike was nearly there.” Do we… really… have to ….. do this? “panted Bubba.

“Who cares! “answered Spike climbing up the ladder of the tower. Finally, Bubba got to the top of the tower.

“Spike…. can… you go in… first. “suggested Bubba scared.

“Ok Bubba.”replied Spike confidently. Suddenly, Spike was in there and slowly behind was Bubba.

“Spike…where are…you? Spikey. “cried Bubba

The dark, slimy dead moss obiyss which made Bubba shiver in fear. As he was trying to carlm down, he heard a ghostly wail which made him jump and his legs shivered like jelly. Bubba then mumbled, “Spike did you hear that? Spike! Spikey.” The water eddied and swirled.

“Spike is it you?” mumbled Bubba with no reply.

Climbing out of the tower, he couldn’t find his short. “Spike. I’ve lost my shorts.” announced Bubba. Suddenly, Spike climbed out of the tank.

“It doesn’t matter you can go home in your top. “suggested Spike.

“No I can’t! You know my mum she will get mad at me.”

Spike quickly came up with an idea,”I can run back to your house, climb through your bedroom window, get your shorts and run back.”

“Are…you…sure Spike?” mumbled Bubba

“I’m sure!” Spike answered.

Quickly Bubba said, “I will stay in the tower.”  He didn’t want to be seen with only his towel on.

Suddenly, Spike got dressed and started to run back to get Bubba a pair of shorts. When Spike got to the town, the town people were staring at the water tower. As if they were aliens, the people were coming out of pubs and stopped what they were doing.

Meanwhile at the water tower, Bubba got scared in the tank so he climbed out for the second time. Standing on the top of the water tower, Bubba thought I carn’t stand up on here; people will see me and it is hot up here but I don’t want to go back in the tank because I am scared. Bubba knew what to do. He thought I will go and sit next to that bush down there and Spike please be quick.

Meanwhile at the town of Preston more and more people started to look at the tower. Looking at the tower, the people gasped and had weird eyes.

Back at the town Spike got to Bubba’s house, got his shorts and started to run  back to the water tower.

Back at the water tower Bubba was starting to blister; wherever he went the sun followed him.

Back at Preston the people started to gasp and the people were still looking at the tower.

Back at the tower, Spike got to the top of the tower and then Bubba came out with wide eyes. Confidently, Bubba said, “I just went for a good swim.”

Spike replied, “What! Really? I thought you didn’t like to swim.” “And what’s on your hand Bubba?” asked Spike

“I don’t know Spike. Who cares.” Bubba replied.

Deep in the tank, the water eddied and swirled……………………………..



The Water Tower by Ben Smith

Nobody in Preston could remember when the water tower was built or who had built it but there it stood on Shooters hill.

The warped egg-shaped tank on the hill casting a long dark shadow over the valley of darkness. Alongside the tank, clinging on for dear life, the aged ladder was leaning against the water tank as it rusted away. Circling the warped tank was a harshly vandalized barbed wire fence attempting to keep trespassers out. One thing was true for sure it disturbed the town of Preston if only everyone in the town had been so terrified then maybe just maybe things would have changed in 1987.

Outside the local shop, the blazing sun beat down over the town of Preston, early on summers morning, Bubba and Spike met to decide the plans for today. “Am so hot let’s go swimming in the water tower.” Spike announced, already speeding towards the hill. Puffing and panting, Bubba gasped

“Slow … down… Spike… I can’t catch up!” Even though Spike’s mum gave consistent warnings about the water tower, Spike still ignored Bubba’s pleas and kept on running towards the tower.

Making their way to the water tank, Bubba was lagging behind trying to catch his breath

“Spike it’s too dangerous, we shouldn’t do this.” gasped Bubba

“Who cares!” dictated Spike scampering up the ladder with Bubba cautiously following behind.

Climbing into the dark abyss of the water tower, Spike paced down the ladder as the water eddied and swirled luring him towards him towards the depths of the tank.

Meanwhile at the top of the tank Bubba step by step climbed down the ladder but oddly stopped three-quarters of the way.


“Spikey?” There was no reply. The water eddied and swirled.


“Spike,” said Bubba

“Is it you?”

The water eddied and swirled.

Bubba climbed out towards the minute shaft of light above the abyss.

As Bubba climbed out, he tiptoed across the scorching hot tank and to his surprise, he had lost his shorts.

“Oh no, Where are my shorts?” If I don’t find them, my mum will kill me. Bubba’s mother, Mama D’angelo, could land a wallop like no other.

Climbing out of the tank, Spike offered to go back to the village and get bubba’s shorts so Spike scampered down the ladder alongside the tower and ran down the hill.

Meanwhile back at the water tower, Bubba cautiously climbed back down into the tank rung by rung but didn’t go down in the swamp-like water in fear of the dark abyss.

Back at the village, Spike ran past the townspeople of Preston, who had all stopped working and were glaring at the water tower.

Meanwhile Bubba climbed back out of the tank and sat down underneath the bush trying to find shade but the sun followed him wherever he went.

Back at the town, the townspeople were continuously staring at the water tower with their eyes fixed eyes fixed at the water tower.

Sprinting back, Spike rushed up the ladder to find Bubba just climbing out.

“Boy that was the best swim.” Said Bubba confidently.

Walking back to the village, Spike had suspicions about Bubba. He was confident and he had the widest and most evil of eyes. But one of the weirdest things was he wasn’t scared of the water but he was all wet. He had the symbol of the water tower on his hand.

Deep in the tank the water eddied and swirled…



The Water Tower by Damian Goodman

Nobody in Preston could remember when the water tower was built, or who had built it but there it stood on Shooter’s hill. Stabilizing the egg-shaped water tank were 6 warped and corroded iron legs.

At night the scene took on an altogether extra-terrestrial atmosphere; the Ufo like tank sent a menacing beam of light illuminating the entire town of Preston.

One thing was for sure it disturbed the people of Preston! if only the people of Preston had been so terrified then maybe, just maybe things wouldn’t have turned out as they did on a summers day back in 1999.

Outside of the local shop Spike Trotter and Bubba D’angelo met as the sun heated the town of Preston “ I’m going for a swim in the water tank, wonna come,” Spike asked,” Well my Mum wouldn’t like me to go there but she wouldn’t careless are you sure its safe,” Bubba mumbled.

Making their way to the water tower, Spike began to accelerate towards the water tower. Bubba came to the barbed wire “ Spikey I don’t think we should, this fence looks really vandalised…….. what happens if they come back and catch us” suggested Bubba Spike did not reply “ Spike that ladder looks old I don’t think you should go up there,” added Bubba

“ Stop talking Bubba your such a worrier, I’m not up here for the fun of this get up here now I want to swim,” commented Spike.

Bubba slowly made his way to the beginning of the ladder and he grabbed it and pulled his slightly overweight body onto the ladder

After 5 minutes Bubba reached the top of the ladder and met spike opening a latch to the water tank “Come on Bubba I’m about to go for a swim,” grunted Spike as he began to climb down the ladder into the dark trench like Abyss.

Bubba cautiously clambered down the tank and then stopped a few feet away from the green water” Mossy water, Dead mossy water,” Bubba whispered to himself.

Suddenly a ghostly wail echoed through the water tank “ Spikey I don’t like this” declared Bubba “ I’m going up. You can come Spikey if you can hear me,” Bubba suggested.

Reaching the top of the ladder Bubba climbed out of the water tank and onto the scorching metal surface. Bubba grabbed his towel from behind the latch.

Suddenly he realised his shorts were gone” No, No and No,” screamed Bubba. “ I’ll go back to your house and get some different ones,” mumbled a voice behind his back.

Bubba slowly turned around and discovered that it was Spike getting his clothes on” Are you sure you’ll get back in time? What happens if you get court by my mum. She’ll give me a smack if she finds out I’ve lost my shorts,” commented Bubba.  

“ It’s okay I probably wont,” declared Spike as he began to descend down the ladder and his last words were lost in the wailing wind.

Deciding to descend back into the water tank Bubba stopped on the ladder a few feet away from the water so as not to touch the greened and mossy water.

Meanwhile. Spike raced past the unusually quiet town of Preston. Spike then realised that the villagers were staring at the water tower with mouths open and their eyes did not move.

Back at the water tower Bubba had decided to ascend back from the dark abyss and down the ladder and behind a shrub. Suddenly Bubba heard a noise on the water tower. He turned around…………………..

Finally, Spike reached the house home to Bubba and his mum. Spike climbed through the window.

After a while Spike returned to the water tower then climbed up the ladder to find Bubba climbing out of the water tank “ Spike, guess what……… I’ve held my breath for 180 seconds, cool huh,” suggested Bubba

When they got back to Preston Bubba was different. Bubba was not like the normal Bubba. Bubba’s hand was weird it had the water tower sign on it. Will he be okay ? Is he the real Bubba?

Deep in the tank, the water eddied and swirled……….

The Water Tower – Cem

Nobody in Preston could remember when the water tower was built or who had built it-there it stood on shooters hill. The rickety iron legs rusted and swayed side to side. There, the barbed wire fence lay twisted and rusty, vandalised by the hot sun and boiling wind. The cracked and broken, a wagon lay there gathering dust, waiting to be scraped for wood. Its wheels were famed and it was e impossible to move it without water. The grass was brown with rust and it just lay there decaying in the blistering sun.


Outside the local school, in the boiling sun, in Preston, Spike and Bubba met. “ lets go for a swim.” Cried Spike. “My mum says it’s dangerous up there.” Spike grumbled.                                                                                    “But it’s such a long way, do I have to!” muttered Bubba.                                                                                                   “Stop mumbling!”

“My mum couldn’t carless where I go.” But Spike was already running to shooters hill. Out of breath, and gasping, Bubba puffed “what water tower!”

“This is the 5th time we’re going to swim in it and you already forgot!” Spike shouted angrily.


Making his way to the top, when Bubba finally arrived, Spike was on the top of the warped tank and called, “Come on slow coach!” and opened the hatch and jumped in. Bubba went past the rusty and tangled barbed wire fence, up the swaying ladder and stripped his cloths of and climbed down into the dark abyss. “The tank, it’s green, like moss, like slimy dead moss.” Bubba whispered. He did not that the water is bubbly, glowed a bit green and eddied and swirled. “Spike … where are you! Spiky… you … there!” there was no answer. This did not comfort Bubba and it tempted him to climb out and he did.


When he came out he looked for his cloths. The frightened and tip toeing boy found spikes cloths but he couldn’t find his pants. Bubba put his towel on and reluctantly called for spike, “Spike could you come up?” he waited and waited in the blistering sun and suddenly he poked his head out of the tank and said what do you want!? Bubba told him. Spike offered to get his because they were friends and if his mum found out she would give a wallop nobody in Preston could do. Spike ran down shooters hill, past the barn and into Bubba house and grabbed his shorts.

Coming back through town, Spike did not notice that everyone was looking at the same thing … … the water tower. He also did not notice that the symbol on the water tower was on many things all over the town.

On top of the water tower, Bubba was blistering hot so limbed down and hid behind a bush. “


The Water Tower by Michael

Nobody in Preston knew when the water tower was built or who built it but there it stood on shooters hill.

The water towers evil eye symbol stared like a hawk over the small town of Preston. Guarding the rusty old water tower, which was very unstable, the vandalised barbed wire fence wrapped around the strong metal poles. At night, the glowing UFO like tank shone around the tower lighting up the valley of darkness. One thing was true though, the water tower ran a chill down the townspeople’s spine.

Outside the local fruit market, as the sun beat down as hard as a drum, Bubba and Spike met to discuss their mischief for the day.

“Gee isn’t it hot today I fancy a swim in da water tower,” Spike muttered already walking down the lane.

“Slow down spike, why are we going dere anyway” Bubba called after Spike as he chased him to catch up.

Despite the constant warnings from Spikes mum about the water tower, Spike shrugged it off and ignored her. Bubba’s mum couldn’t care less where he went yet Bubba was still anxious about Spike and his journey.

Making their way to the water tower, Bubba was being left behind as Spike was already at the bottom of the giant beast.

“Do we have to come here? It’s dangerous,” Bubba gasped as he chased after Spike.

“Oh shut up you wuss, it’s fine,” Spike answered confidently only a few steps away from getting in. As Bubba got to the water tower, Spike was already inside of the dark abis. Slowly, Bubba made his way down the cold wet, metal ladder into the pitch black tank with only a shaft of sunlight but not for light, for reassurance instead. Strangely inside the tank the water eddied and swirled. “Spike,” Bubba called “Spikey” he repeated but there was no answer again just strange ghostly wailing. Bubba was now frightened even terrified so he decided to get out of the monstrous nightmare.

Once Bubba had escaped, he got out to find a massive problem.

“There’s my shirt over there but where on earth are my pants?” Suddenly Bubba caught spike at the bottom of the tower

“Oi Spikey me trousers down there?” Bubba called hoping nobody in the town could see him.

“What,” Spike replied looking unaware from Bubba’s call. Bubba repeated his question again but the answer was no.

“Oh how brilliant, what am I meant to do now?” Bubba asked Spike who was already climbing up to him.

“Well you have your towel don’t you,” Spike told Bubba tilting his head awkwardly.

“Yeah but my mum will kill me,” Bubba explained. Suddenly there was a silence. Spike knew that Bubba’s mum could land a wallop like no-one else. He then changed his mind.

Suddenly Spike went back down the ladder to get dressed.

“Oi Spikey where you going?” Bubba questioned Spike.

“To get your pants mate!” Spike shouted back at him. Bubba was shocked yet happy but hoping his mum wouldn’t catch Spike sneaking into his house as he ran down the lane.

As Spike arrived at the town, he realized that all of the townspeople were staring at one thing … the water tower. As Spike clambered through the window, which he just fitted through, he opened Bubba’s draw and got a pair of pants for him.

Meanwhile at the water tower, Bubba decided to go back inside the tank for some shade. He thought to himself as the tower creaked “that’s just the tower it’s old and rickety” but he still got out.

As Spike was leaving the village, he was confused to the fact that the people came out of their houses gasping, hands on heart while they stared at the water tower itself.

In addition, Bubba got out of the tank and hid behind a bush to get some shade.

“Oh where are you Spike?” Bubba muttered to himself. Strangely though wherever he went, the sun would follow him and blister his skin.

As Spike saw the water tower, he immediately sprinted towards it.

“Bubba I have your pa…,” he stopped watching Bubba emerge from the tank.

“Oh boy, I actually sat on the bottom and held my breath for 120 seconds can you believe it 2 whole minutes,” Bubba said emerging from the darkness below.

“Alright then show me the water wrinkles c’mon,” Spike asked loudly into Bubba’s ear.

“Nah no time, besides mum will be worried see you later,”Bubba said climbing down the ladder starting to run back over the hill towards the town. Spike dimmed his eyes wondering what had happened to Bubba.

Deep in the tank the water eddied and swirled.